What is the best thing on a rainy day? A sweet treat of course! But not just any sweet treat. Today we had the pleasure of sampling cake pops to include in our wedding dessert display. I have to say that the best part of wedding planning has to be food and dessert tastings! Now, I am not particularly fond of formal wedding cakes so when it came to deciding on a dessert menu, I knew immediately that was not a route I wanted to take. After more googling on potential ideas, I came across Bakerella’s site on Cake Pops. Cake pops are cake bites molded, decorated, then put on a stick for eating ease. There are a ton of recipes online to make these.

At first I thought I could stick with my homemade idea and make them myself but then I wondered where I would ever find the time to make hundreds of these a few days before the wedding. Luckily, I was able to find a local Atlanta baker who specializes in these, Sarandipity Sweets! We met with her today to talk about potential creations and she was able to share some samples. Check it out

(penguin, cupcake, strawberry)

You can order these in all cake flavors in they are covered in chocolate designed to match your theme. I am particularly interested in the little penguins, absolutely adorable! How fun would it be to have a little penguin groom and bride. Each one is big enough for 3-4 bites, the perfect sampling amount! Right now I am still trying to figure out possible designs for the wedding but I am excited with all the possibilities. I think these would be fun ideas for all occasions including birthdays, holiday celebrations, and even family gatherings. So if you are planning a party or just looking for a bite size dessert, keep these in mind! We are planning on building a display (stay tuned for a future post) for all of the pops and other desserts!

Pre-wedding workout

  • Saturday- 65 min  yoga. Today I decided to really work and improve on my focus and balance through svarga dvidasana a.k.a.Bird of Paradise pose (I am trying to work on my sanskrit names) 🙂


Wedding countdown: 132 days