I wanted my wedding favors to be as homemade as possible. Though I will not go into details on the actual favor today (stay posted), I will share my idea to make my own favor tags. My first thought was just to buy tags but I soon realized it would cost nearly $5 for 14 blank pieces of paper with a hole punch. I realized I could make something much better for nowhere near that cost.

After I googled ideas on what to make, I stumbled upon an amazing website that had just what I was looking for! The template and instructions I am sharing with you comes from “Aylee Bits” site. The site has tons of other templates for those interested!


I went to the craft store and purchased

  • cardstock in a sunflower yellow for $0.59 a sheet
  • heart-shaped hole-punch $3.00
  • pair of scissors (I already had)

After making the adjustments on the template (which is in a word doc) I printed out the sheet with 18 tags

I cut out each diamond, used the hole-punch on the top and threaded the ribbon that will be used on the favor. Ta Da! All done!

I will say that after finishing, I realized it does not really matter what shape the hole-punch is since you cannot tell with the ribbon threaded through. Oh well. Hope you like the favor tag!

Pre-wedding workout

  • Friday- rest day


Wedding countdown: 134 days