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After spending time compiling all of the invitations, I was ready to take them to the post office for the final weigh-in to determine how much mailing will cost. I was prepared to pay more than the standard $0.44 since they are a little larger and have several inserts. What I was not aware of was that orientation of the address and size really do matter. Keep this in mid everyone for your next post office trip.

Lesson 1: Address orientations matters!

For example, writing the address parallel to the shorter side (envelope on the left) will cost more than the other even if the weight is the same. So of course I address all of the envelopes similar to the left before going to the post office. Fail!

Lesson 2: Square envelopes cost more

I expected that at my response envelope would be standard postage. Nope, wrong again. Square envelopes cost more to mail. Fail again.

In the end, I love my invitations so I cannot really complain. I guess next time I just need to do my postage research before custom making anything to mail out.

On a sidenote, I did discover something that made me feel a million times better. A Filipino cafe/Bakery opened about a mile away from my job! Woohoo.


I decided to try it for lunch today along with my friend, Maya. We decided to check out the food (note to vegetarians, you will not have many options) and then buy some baked goods. Soooo yummy. You cannot imagine how ecstatic I am to have this nearby. Now I can satisfy all of my Goldilocks cravings (as mentioned in cookies, cake, and a run). They change their menu daily so I will have to make multiple visits.

Pre-wedding workout:

  • Tuesday- 6omin weight training
  • Wednesday- 30min run, 30 min abs


Wedding countdown: 136 days