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As I write, I am watching the news and looking outside as a tornado warning is over Atlanta. Yes, thunderstorms and tornadoes in February. I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising after our spring-like weather for the past few days in the 70s. Oh well, off to brighter things….flowers!

First let me say that I am the type of person that does NOT prioritize having a lot of flowers for my wedding. I just cannot bring myself to spending a large portion of my budget on flowers for a day. I think flowers can make anything beautiful, but it’s just not me. So when thinking of centerpieces and decor, I wanted to go the “simple, classic” look.  Technically my favorite type of flower is the orchid  but that can be very pricey for centerpieces, especially when there are potentially 20+ tables…so my next idea were calla lilies. A calla lily has that “classic” look I am wanting but can also be big enough that I would not need to order too many of them. I’ve decided that we would have 2-3 calla lilies submerged in a vase with a light shining from the bottom to illuminate. Similar to this:

Since there is no real arranging involved, this is something that I can do on my own (well, with the help of my family) and can avoid florist costs! You can buy a large calla lily for $5 and the vase price can vary depending on size. I am using a 20inch diameter cylinder vase and will add clear gems on the bottom with a submerged LED for lighting. All in all, each centerpiece is under $40 (compared to spending $100+ per table having floral arrangements made).

If you want to have more of an arranged floral centerpiece, there are classes that you can take to learn how to put these together. My friend just attended a $10 1.5 hr long class at Whole Foods on flower arranging, which included all the supplies. Here is something that she put together on her first attempt:

(good job Lori!)

I love how colorful this is! There are so many options and easy centerpieces that anyone (even someone not crafty like me) can make. I think its worth pushing your creativity and giving it a shot! 🙂

Pre-wedding workout:

  • Monday: Ok, I know I just took a break on Fri but the weather is really bad out so I will use that as my reason for taking another break today. On a positive note, we have identified a P90X start date-March 13. This will give us time to buy healthier food and mentally prepare for the next 90 days. I am anticipating some very exhausted (but hopefully positive) blogs in that time! 


Wedding countdown: 138