There are relaxing Sundays and there are productive Sundays. I would like to think I can have both.


Today was another beautiful sunny day in the upper 70s. Sometimes I forget that it is still February. Eric and I try to take advantage of this weather (pre humidity and pollen) so we spent some time throwing balls with our dog  and grilling our food outside. I am very ready for spring!


I was excited to have my invitations arrive a few days ago, but there is a lot to do before I could send them out. There were boxes of invitations that needed to be addressed, stuffed, etc.

(This is one of the boxes that arrived full of invitations)

Luckily, I had the help of my wonderful fiance and awesome friend (thanks Lori!!). We had a little assembly line going and were able to get through the majority of them. Yay!!

(The “finished” piles)

 I eventually ran out of stamps for the response envelopes so the work will have to be postponed for another day. One step closer to sending them out!! 


Pre-wedding workout:

  • Saturday- 40 min run
  • Sunday- 80 min yoga


Wedding countdown: 139 days