One of the very first things we decided on once we were engaged was where we would have the ceremony. Knowing that it would be a traditional Catholic, Filipino ceremony, we decided on Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta. I love this Parish and the Church is beautiful!

So, tonight was day 1 of marriage prep. It may not sound like the most exciting thing (especially for most guys) but Eric and I actually had a really good time and had some laughs. A few months ago we took an assessment to be used for discussion. It basically mapped out issues we agree/disagree on, such as finances, careers, and children. I am happy to say that we are perfectly normal, with disagreement in a few areas, most of which was expected.  Being the competitive people we are, we skipped straight to the numeric scores and were pleased that  most of our agreement percentages were above an 80% (yes! above average lol). After the priest had a few laughs, he pointed out that it wasnt “rocket science” and the point was just to be open-minded and communicate. Of course I agree, but it’s an added bonus to know we did well on our test. All in all, it was a good night and we did score 100% in one category “readiness to marry”. I mean agreeing to WANT  to marry is always a good thing, right…

Pre-wedding Workouts

  • Thursday- 1.5hrs yoga (I was stressed that day)
  • Friday- rest