I absolutely love sweets. In fact, I think I have spent more time thinking about wedding desserts than the dinner menu. Even though my brain knows that I should limit the amount of sweets we keep in the house, my stomach could not disagree more and of course the stomach always wins out.

This week has been an overload of sugar. Looking at the picture below, on the left are thin mints and on the right is one of my favorite Filipino baked good, mamon (this one happens to be mocha flavored).  Goldilocks is by far my favorite for Filipino baked goods and it’s just sooo yummy, if only they were on the east coast… http://www.goldilocks-usa.com/

Needless to say, Eric and I have gone a little overboard on eating these so it was time for a much-needed run. It was another sunny, perfect afternoon so we ran around our (extremely hilly) neighborhood. I swear, all these hills are making it really hard to keep up with all the running (well that and the fact that I havent really been eating healthy lately). On a good note, we got to explore a new part of our neighborhood and even found we live near a great park! I have also found that tracking time instead of distance keeps me motivated to stay out longer. I’m excited to go back! 

Pre-wedding workout:

  • Wed- 45 min run, 20 min yoga


Wedding countdown: 143 days