They are done!! The invitations have arrived!!!

Let me start with a little history on the invitation story. I am told invitations set the tone for the wedding. Many times this means spending a big portion of the budget, in some cases hundreds or even thousands of dollars, on having these made. Yes, you can always buy and print them at home yourself, but with our potential guest list being a little on the large side, that would have taken a lot of time and planning. This is where my amazing family comes in!

Did I mention my family is AWESOME. I am lucky enough to have family in the Philippines that took on the task of making my custom invitations.  I must thank my mom for leading this effort (Love you mom). This was NOT an easy job to have.  After coming up with a design, they were printed in the Philippines matching my colors and vision exactly. Next, my other aunt took the invitations on their next journey, a trip flying them across the Pacific Ocean going from the Philippines to L.A. My parents met my aunt in L.A. and shipped the invitations down here to Georgia where they are now sitting in our “wedding planning” room a.k.a guest bedroom. Here they are (disregard the pink folder background):

I would share the inside of the invitation (the best part)  but since we have not sent them out to guests, I want to keep it a surprise for now. We did a vertical tri-fold invitation. The outside is silver, the inside invitation is ivory with navy trim. I am soo excited about these and hope my guests love them as much as I do. Yay, it is all slowly coming together 🙂

Pre-wedding physical activity:

(Its almost time to start P90X—yikes!)

  • Monday- 30min run, 30 min abs
  • Tuesday-60min weight training


Wedding Countdown: 144 days