There are sooo many days where I wish I had an artistic bone in my body. I was the girl that struggled with stick figure drawings. Needless to say, I have been hesitant to do craft activities for the wedding. That is…until I found an easy enough project that even I cannot mess up.

White Daisy Pomander!

I wanted something to hang on the pews that was inexpensive and easy. I used silk daisies to prevent petals from falling on the church floors but you can definitely use real flowers!


  • foam floral ball (green) 5inch 
  • yellow ribbon
  • floral wire
  • silk daisies (I used 3 daisy bunches and cut the daisy head to include 1 inch stems)
  • hot glue gun/sticks (if using real flowers)
  • Approximate cost: $10 per ball


  • cut the length of ribbon needed. if someone is holding (such as a flower girl) you will need less ribbon. I am hanging it off a pew so I need it longer.
  • twist a piece of wire so there is a loop at the end, sort of like a sewing needle
  • if using real flowers, make sure the ball is moist with water for the flowers. keep the foam dry if using silk flowers.
  • thread the ribbon through the hole until the wire is in the middle of the ribbon and the 2 ends up ribbon reach each other
  • stick into the foam ball and tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow. This is the handle
  • take daisy heads with 1 inch stems and insert around the foam ball, filling in any gaps.
  • if using real flowers, insert flowers then pull out. apply a small dot of glue and re-insert into the hole

It took me ~10 minutes to do 1 ball.

Pre-Wedding Physical Activity Summary:

  • Thurs-6omin weight training class, 1 mile warm up run
  • Fri- rest day. Off to the North Georgia Mountains 🙂

  Wedding Countdown: 148 days