I woke up this morning excited for another day of amazing weather. Ahh yes, another blue sky, sunny day with highs in the upper 60s. THIS is why I moved to the south. Well, that and the yummy food.

Did I mention that I purposely ordered my wedding dress 1 size smaller than what I was measured for?? Yea, I know crazy. Well, I thought it would be a good incentive to increase my physical activity and set some goals.

I have been told that March/April are prime running months so I decided if I am going to give running a chance, I should probably pick a race to work towards. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 races, one in March and one in April. Ok so now I have established a potential goal.

Most of my running usually is on a treadmill. I am told this is the root of my disdain for running. Well, if my plan is to complete a race, I should probably run outside and take advantage of this amazing weather. Interesting that I never realized how many hills surround my house until I had to run up and down them. Oh how I despise hills. After 2 miles of this, I made my way back home with a new sub-goal…I will conquer these hills. 

Physical Activity Goal Summary:

  • 2 potential races identified
  • 2 miles running on hills
  • 30 min of yoga 


Wedding countdown 150 days